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Meeting the 7th of September 17.30 in "Tokyo&

2010-09-06 17:08 | Written by: Martin Eggemark (ordf at ds.karen.hj.se)
After this long and boring summer we will have our first meeting. It will take place in "Tokyo" Tuesday the 7th of September at 17.30.

We will discuss Rawlab, DatorSektionens LAN party that we arrange 2 times a year.

"Tokyo" is the room next to the server room in the corridor behind Books and Coffee in the bottom of Studenternas Hus.

You want an account in the picture gallery of Insp

2010-08-05 14:11 | Written by: Magnus Törnqvist (virus84 at ds.karen.hj.se)
Hello if you would like an account to upload images in the gallery for Inspark 2010 just send an email to rootgruppen@ds.karen.hj.se and let us know. We need to know youre name, username, and witch school you go to.

Unplaned downtime

2010-05-23 13:23 | Written by: Magnus Törnqvist (virus84 at ds.karen.hj.se)
Becouse of cooling problems in the datacenter we head to take down the systems and cool down. The webserver and the mail server is back online but not the user server yet.

//rootgruppen questions?
rootgruppen [at] datorsektionen [dot] se

Information about planned downtime during weekend

2010-03-01 22:20 | Written by: Niklas Wallin (guldlock at ds.karen.hj.se)
This weekend (the 5th to the 8th of March) DatorSektionens administrative team will undertake service, maintenance and also some upgrades on all systems.

This will generate all servers and services provided by DatorSektionen will be unreacheble.
If everything procedes as planned we will have the systems back online by 8.00 AM on Monday.
For more information, please contact rootgruppen at rootgruppen@ds.karen.hj.se

Spring Assembly!

2010-02-22 22:22 | Written by:
This springs assembly will take place in Tokyo at 17.30 the 16th of Mars.

The assembly is the organizations highest organ, where the committee, budget and the plan of activities for the next year will be decided. It it also this assembly members can motion if they want to change the regulations, bigger policy decisions or similar matters.

Motions has to be sent in to the committee at least two weeks prior to the assembly.