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2006-03-01 13:58 | Written by: Andreas Falck (falcon at ds.hj.se)
Today we got our new domainname, ds.karen.hj.se.

Next open meeting

2006-02-21 15:43 | Written by: Karl Bengtsson (karl at ds.hj.se)
Next tuesday, the 28th of february, we will hold our next open members meeting. We will at this time discuss the upgrades that were performed this past weekend, and also begin planning for the events of this spring, most noticeably a planned RawLab. The meeting takes place in the normal locales next to our server room at 17.15. We hope to see as many members as possible there.

DS system upgrades

2006-02-20 17:04 | Written by: Karl Bengtsson (karl at ds.hj.se)
We have, this past weekend, upgraded some of our server systems. If there is any software missing that you would like to have access to on Heizenberg, please contact the root team. Do note that the database server has been moved to a different machine, so MySQL-querys from any scripts on the webserver will have to be directed at db.ds.karen.hj.se from now on.

DS turns five years old!

2006-01-12 15:38 | Written by: Karl Bengtsson (karl at ds.hj.se)
It is today five years since the opening meeting of DatorSektionen was held, and this must surely be cause for some sort of celebration. As the early days of the society have not been very well documented, we are taking this anniversary as an excuse to get started. Hopefully there should soon be more on this website about the society and what we've accomplished over the years!

First DS-meeting of 2006

2006-01-11 20:10 | Written by: Karl Bengtsson (karl at ds.hj.se)
Our first meeting will be held in our usual conference room (in the corridor near the back of Books & Coffee in Studenternas Hus) on monday the 23rd, at 5.30 PM.

The preliminary meeting agenda is as follows:

§ 1.    Opening the meeting
§ 2.    Confirmation of the meeting agenda
§ 3.    Adjustment of last meeting protocol
§ 4.    Information by the root group.
§ 5.    Election of root group
§ 6.    Planning of spring projects
§ 7.    Planning of membership drives
§ 8.    Rumors
§ 9.    Other questions
§ 10.    Meeting closes

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to email ordf@ds.hj.se. Hope to see you there!