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DS Up & Running

2016-05-31 20:36 | Written by: Viktor Sjögren (sjvi1515 at student.ju.se)
After a long break when the power failure caused significantly more problems than expected so the server are up and running again . However , it is still ongoing service work as some downtime can be expected in the near future .

Power outage

2016-05-03 14:50 | Written by: Robin Hultgren (hula1447 at student.ju.se)
There will be a power outage on campus at 20:00 today (16/05/03/) until 10:00 tomorrow. This will be affecting all of DS servers and they will remain down until the power is restored.

Bi-annual meeting

2015-11-03 16:03 | Written by: Johan Christoffersson (chjo1400 at student.hj.se)
(Sorry but this post was translated with google translate for time saving reasons)

On Monday,
9/11 will DS autumn meeting to be held.

     Agenda for the meeting is as follows:
  •      Election of new Board of Directors:
  1.      Chairman
  2.      Vice Chairman
  3.      cashier
  4.      Secretary
  •      Charter changes:

  1.      § 9 At the association's dissolution to the association's assets are managed by the Student Union.
  2.      §10 The charter must be rewritten so that employees at the university are not eligible to become members, and only members of Jönköping Student Union are entitled to vote at the association meetings.

  •      ev. motions
  •      ev. submitted propositions

Ev. members propositions can be send to styrelsen@ds.karen.hj.se


Johan Christoffersson

Chairman of Datorsektionen

Meeting 10/9 18.00

2015-09-07 14:29 | Written by: Johan Christoffersson (chjo1400 at student.hj.se)
There will be a meeting this Thursday 10/9.

We will discuss
Election nomination for the autummeet

If you have suggestions for the association you are more than welcome to email them to chjo1400[at]student.ju.se or present them your self at the meeting


2015-03-28 14:48 | Written by: Johan Bengtsson (dd_rambo at ds.karen.hj.se)
Today we in the rootgruppen are performing some service on our servers. This can lead to some downtime on some services. //Rambo