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Schedule downtime

2009-09-02 15:27 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
DatorSektionens root group is going to preform an hardware update on the servers. This means that some of your services is going to be unavailable during 10:00 am to 10:00 pm the fifth of September. We are working as fast as we can to prevent downtime!


2009-07-24 09:26 | Written by: Johan Saf (koon at ds.karen.hj.se)
As we approach this years inspark (don't know of any good english word for it :-)), we would like to push the inspark homepage (which is a combined project of DatorSektionen and Jönköpings Studentkår) a bit extra. If any new students feel that they want to join DatorSektionen and experience the great atmosphere we have I would like to point you to this page. If you have any quesitons you are always welcome to e-mail us or join us at IRC (we're in #DatorSektionen at QuakeNet).

At the same time we also would like to welcome all the new students to HJ and we wish everyone a nice inspark!

Disk Failure

2009-06-27 19:33 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
A disk in bohr (the fileserver) failed. Now the systemes is up and running.

Service interrupt

2009-05-04 20:06 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
Some problem with an fibre, for more info:

Service disruption

2009-03-03 20:56 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
Some of the systems as been instable due to the big maintenace that occur last weekend. The problems are now gone and the root group will monitor the system closely this week.