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Spring Assembly!

2010-02-22 22:22 | Written by:
This springs assembly will take place in Tokyo at 17.30 the 16th of Mars.

The assembly is the organizations highest organ, where the committee, budget and the plan of activities for the next year will be decided. It it also this assembly members can motion if they want to change the regulations, bigger policy decisions or similar matters.

Motions has to be sent in to the committee at least two weeks prior to the assembly.

Problem with our internal gateway

2010-01-11 11:14 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
For more info please contact us at: rootgruppen@ds.karen.hj.se

Planed downtime

2009-10-09 20:15 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
We are going to take down all the system the 18 of October at 23:00 and the systems will be up the 19 of October at 18:00, for more information email rootgruppen@ds.karen.hj.se!

Problem with heizenberg

2009-09-12 21:14 | Written by: Daniel Wennberg (tisteagle at ds.karen.hj.se)
Today there was some problems with heizenberg, for more info mail rootgruppen[at]ds.karen.hj.se . The problems is solved at this point.