Network programme, School of Engineering, Jönköping University
Thanks to a very significant donation from the Network programme, DatorSektionen now has access to new workstations in the server room, as well as a number of standby boxes which will be used to ensure further redundancy in our systems. (2006)

NSC, National Supercomputer Centre at Linköping University

NSC sponsored us with a number of nodes from a decommisioned cluster system, in the spring of 2006. These nodes have been used both to run internal services and as education computers. (2006)

Sydved AB

Sponsored us with an IBM Netfinity server (2005).

IT Service, Jönköping University
Their continuing support has made it possible for us to grow and their donations have been much appreciated. (2001-2002)

School of Engineering / International Business School
These departments at the university have donated hardware, some of which has been sold, rendering a valuable contribution to our fiscal status. (2001-2002)

SLU Skara
SLU Skara donated a number of VT220-terminals as well as a terminal server. These are used for systems surveillance as well as terminals for our KOM-system. Some have also been auctioned off. (2002-02-15)

Birka Energi
Birka Energi donated three Sun SparcStations as well as some Pentium based x86-boxes. (2002-04-10)
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