Become member


Becoming a member gives you access to

  • E-mail account (IMAP, Webmail)
  • Shell account (SSH)
  • A place for your website with access to PHP, Python, Perl and more.
  • FTP-account as well as access to DS FTP-archives
  • MySQL-account

For standard membership the fee is 64kr for each semester. For associations with more than 50 members its 512kr for each semester.

To become a member of DS, read and accept the rules for membership as follows, then follow the instructions in the submission form.

  • AUP – Rules and guidelines for acceptable behavior regarding DS services – This is to be read and accepted by all prospectus members. Violating against the rules may lead result in a suspension.
  • By-laws – By-laws for the association. Specifies the rights and obligations of DS members.

Please contact treasurer if you have any questions.