Welcome to DatorSektionen

DatorSektionen is a Jönköping Student Union Association, we offer the ability to host services, store data and also a forum for IT-knowledge to be shared.
As a member you gain access to our server infrastructure where you can try out and learn new things. You're given the opportunity to make your projects come to life big or small, maybe you've developed a new app and need to give it a test run or perhaps you just want to keep a backup of your kick-off memories.

To sign up as a member head to: Become Member

Den 29 September – 1 Oktober arrangerar Datorsektionen tillsammans med JUSTICE våren RawLab på JTH. Dörrarna öppnar 18:00 på fredagen och stänger 00:00 lördag/söndag natt.

* Salar: Information kommer senare

* Medtag: Dator, Grendosa, 5m TP-kabel (internetkabel Kappa), Kläder efter väder ^^, Ett glatt humör 🙂

* Inträde: Gratis för medlemmar annars 50kr.

* Bil för hämtning och avlämning av datorer kommer att finnas tillgängligt att boka för 50kr

* Kiosk kommer finnas för köp av diverse dricka och snacks


Friday 5/26 will the DS spring meeting be held
the meeting will begin at 17:00
Agenda for the meeting is as follow:

Discuss the possibility of hiring a lecturer in linux or something of interest.

How we will market DS in the future.

Rawlab in autumn.


  • Motions
  • Submitted propositions

Members propositions can be send to styrelsen@ds.karen.hj.se

Felix Granberg vice chairman

Datorsektionen has aquired a new website with help from Pierre Norrbrink. We’ve also started to transfer all the content of the website to english.

If you have any opinions regarding the new website, please tell us.